Our Goals

  • To form a statewide network of educators interested in the Reggio Emilia approach for the purposes of communication, information exchange and networking;
  • To foster collaborative interchange among professionals in the field through participation in study tours, conferences, seminars and workshops based on the educational philosophy of the Reggio Emilia approach;
  • To provide a forum that encourages teachers to become reflective practitioners, who co-construct knowledge through shared projects and who benefit from discussing and critiquing each other’s work in an effort to engage in ongoing professional growth and development;
  • To encourage study groups, which will examine the principles and practices of the Reggio Emilia approach and to foster discussions that will help participants clarify their understandings and begin to adapt aspects of the approach that can be applied in their educational settings;
  • To establish a center, possibly on a college or university campus, that enables teachers to view displays and exhibits that demonstrate what makes the Reggio Emilia approach unique and provides access to resources, materials and other forms of support;
  • To promote and defend the rights of children and families to have access to active, intrinsically rewarding educational experiences that have academic integrity as well as cultural relevance.