New Jersey Educators Exploring the Practices of Reggio Emilia, Inc. (NJEEPRE) is an organization formed in March 2003. NJEEPRE is registered as a non-profit corporation in the State of New Jersey and is a 501©(3) tax exempt organization registered with IRS as of November 2007.

NJEEPRE became a membership organization in February 2009 in order to offer those in the early childhood community an opportunity to support and participate more fully in the achieving the goals of the organization.

Although NJEEPRE focuses on the early childhood community, the organization is open to the broader spectrum of the learning community – including directors, assistants, teachers, parents, students and teachers of teachers in higher education settings – in a variety of settings and levels.

Memberships can be created, viewed, or renewed online by accessing the Membership/Email List page or by downloading  the Membership Form, filling out the form completely and sending the membership fee payable to: NJEEPRE, Inc. c/o Lynn Kulik, Union Congregational Weekday Nursery School, 176 Cooper Avenue, Montclair, NJ 07043.    The fee for one year (July 1st – June 30th) is $30 for a regular member; $20 for a student member.

Your membership will be updated online and membership card will be sent in the mail upon receipt  of the membership form & fee. You will be added to the NJEEPRE membership online database and membership category email group; receive free admission to the NJEEPRE Roundtable Series.

Donations, in addition to the yearly membership fee, donations are accepted and greatly appreciated. Donations will assist NJEEPRE in meeting the cost of the website, printing, mailings as well as costs associated with presentations and workshops that further our mission and goals.

Contact the NJEEPRE Membership Chair: Lynn Kulik,