Our Logo


The Origin of our Logo

by Alba DiBello, Founding Member and past chair

In the early days of our organizational birth, the founding members of NJEEPRE often met in my office at A Child’s Place School. As we shaped the vision and goals for the organization we realized we would need some printed literature and stationery and at that point we thought some kind of logo should be decided upon. We knew wanted to use a child’s drawing since the child was at the heart of what we were about. Building awareness of the child’s right to be respected as a competent and capable learner and as a co-constructor of the curriculum was important to us. There, on another desk were a group of drawings, recently collected by the teachers and amongst them was one of a figure with the title, “Me going to my school”. We agreed that it perfectly expressed the sense of joyful expectation that should be the child’s right upon entering school. It clearly showed the child as confidently beginning a journey of endless possibilities, which we felt should be the early childhood educational experience and so our little figure walked right into our organization’s letterhead and became our logo.